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    We can create the packaging  which is outstanding against the competitors

Cardboard packaging producer

Large packaging

This type of packaging secures high value goods, hence they must optimally provide protection, convenient transport and storage. They are functional, durable and provide maximum protection for the product

Flap boxes

Flap boxes are the most popular and simple collective packaging. These kind of packaging is used mainly for packing the products which should be adequately protect during transport and storage

Laminated boxes

Packaging with full color printing with any graphics and photos in high quality. Because of laminating process the packaging is more exclusive

Accesories for packaging

We offer the wide range of accesories for packaging as seperators, grids, beams, fillers, foams, edge protectors, Styrofoam, Velcro etc

Die cutted boxes

Die cutted boxes are for instance displays, trays, stands. For producing this kind of products sie cut tool is necessary

Shaped boxes

Packaging with more complicated shapes, used mainly as single packaging. These kind of boxes are often fulfil marketing function: promotional or exposure

Our knowledge, combined with our technology is a powerful weapon that allows an individual approach to our clients and their challenges

Technologia produkcji opakowań

cardboard packaginf poland

The packaging must’ve certain properties

And we know how to do it


We have a full range of printing techniques

We perform digital printing, offset printing, flexographic printing and screen printing, we produce cardboard packaging with printing


We are a professional packaging producer

We have our own logistics and production facilities

packaging krakow

We design and produce cardboard packaging

We combine durability with modern design and care for the natural environment

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