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Large packaging

Large packaging

Large packaging

We specialize in production of large packaging for different branches for instance: automotive. They have to be in size adapter to transport on Euro palettes and Sea palettes.

This type of packaging secures high value goods, hence they must optimally provide protection, convenient transport and storage. They are functional, durable and provide maximum protection for the product.

We have made every effort to ensure that BrandBox offers all large-size packaging available on the market. We provide the highest level of production of large-size boxes using the most advanced technologies.

Large-size packaging is made of ecological corrugated board with very durable construction. The material used for the production of the box allows the package to be included in the group of ecological transport packaging, reusable.

Large cardboard packaging is suitable for large or unusual shapes, pallet displays or for larger packages to ensure higher storage and transport efficiency.

Reducing the number of damage in transport

due to strength and stability of our products


The quality of our products allows us for many years to cooperate with the most demanding customers from home and abroad.

The Quality Control Department supervises each stage of production and ensures compliance of the final product with the order placed.

Large-size boxes


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