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We can create the packaging which is outstanding against the competitors

Because of knowledge established by the long term experience we are the trusted partner in product safety. Products are stored, have to be transported, are put on a market shelf or can be given directly to the recipient.

Our specialty are cardboard packaging

Cardboard packaging

Because the first impression counts

Supposedly the book shouldn’t be judge by the cover. In business this principle is rarely appropriate. Effective packaging is one of the element of brand image and additional cause for the customers decide to buy the product. We are BRANDBOX. We design and produce the cardboard packaging which distinguish our customers and give them the advantage over the competitors. We invite You to familiarize with our offer.  

We care about our customers’ image

Brandbox was founded in Cracow in 1996. At the beginning it was an advertising company which has been supporting local companies in hard years of free market start. We have noticed the growing demand for effective and solid packaging. Polish companies wanted to be as foreign competitors which has understood from years that there is a necessity of doing the first impression on customers. With time we have focused on cardboard packaging production and now we are one of the biggest and the fastest developing company in packaging branch in Poland.

We are professional producer of cardboard packaging having own logistic and production infrastructure. Because of that we guarantee short realization time and deliveries to any place in Poland and Europe. Our packaging fulfil strict quality standards, they are very strong, can be used to protect products during the transport. We join the durability with the modern design and care of natural environment.

Non standard packaging? No problem!

Our specialty are cardboard packaging however we care of complex customer service and we also offer:

  • Large packaging – necessary for professional protection of products during the transport and storage
  • Flap packaging – well known, used mainly during the product transport to the customer
  • Shaped boxes – very good for estetic and reliable product protection, they are solid and easy to shut.
  • Laminated boxes – excellent choice when the packaging should fulfill the marketing function. Laminating is a proces of gluing to the cardboard firstly printed paper
  • Die cutted packaging – used mainly for efecctive product presentation without taking it from the box. We can cut practically any model.
  • Accessories for packaging –  they are every element increasing the packaging utility, protection of product and attract attention of customers.
  • Models comply with Fefco catallogue – we use Fefco catallogue one of the most important branch organization so we can create practically any packaging.

As independant cardboard packaging producer we own our production line, we can create the design for individual order including non standard sizes of cardboard boxes and boxes with any look.

Welcome to contact us – we guarantee fast satisfy offer for you.

Cardboard packaging Krakow



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