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We can create the packaging

which is outstanding against the competitors

Because of knowledge established by the long term experience we are the trusted partner in product safety. Products are stored, have to be transported, are put on a market shelf or can be given directly to the recipient.


The packagings have to fulfill specified characteristics

and we know how to achieve that


For our customers we offer experience and knowledge gained during the years by our departments: design, technology, customer service.

Dialogue, openness, understanding of packaging life cycle, product safety,customer, visual expectations are what we are interested in. We know that good selected questions determined common success. We want to build long term business relations, rely on understanding and trust.

Our machinery park is built of series interrelated solutions, which allow us for precise realization of different orders.


Some technical facts


We have automated machinery park in which there are:

  • laminator
  • flat and rotary die -cutters
  • boxmaker ann sloter machines
  • gluing machine and typesetter
  • staplers

We offer a full range of printing types


We offer digital, offset, flexo and screen printing. We produce the cardboard packaging with printings. Additionally we have in our offer the possibility to do hot-stamping.

We can produce the packaging from solid board and corrugated cardboard each type (2,3,5 and 7 layer).

Essential part of our production is high specialized staff offering the binding and packing service. Our staff has the huge experience in producing individual orders.

Our knowledge joined with technology provide the huge weapon allow to individual approach to or customers and their challenges.

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Cardboard packaging with printings


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